Providing clarity in the
midst of uncertainty

Introducing TaperRx

The healthcare industry’s first – and best – solution for helping patients reduce the health risks and dependency from a polypharmacy regimen. TaperRx is the expert solution that provides a specific roadmap to taper, or wean, medically inappropriate drugs while taking into account each patient’s unique circumstances. Developed by leading pharmacological and medical experts, and combined with potential psychosocial impacts that a patient may experience, the TaperRx solution provides the best science available to increase the likelihood of a successful change in treatment to increase function and quality of life while reducing the possibility of relapse.

Overview of TaperRx

Delivers a custom, detailed report that outlines a specific tapering plan based on a patient’s unique drug regimen and circumstances.

Provides clinical rationale from the best science available to augment a physician’s individual expertise.

Enables better accountability and communication between the physician and payer through the process.

Brought to you by the experts at PRIUM, TaperRx will change the way care providers and payers collaborate on patient issues with a polypharmacy regimen.