About TaperRx

TaperRx was developed by PRIUM to fill a gap in clinical understanding of how to most effectively address inappropriate drugs in a polypharmacy regimen.

The Problem

While there are some guidelines that address how to taper (or wean) individual drugs or drug classifications, there are no guidelines or consolidated scientific studies that outline how to assess, manage and taper drugs with negative side effects that out-weigh any benefit from their ongoing use. There are likewise no guidelines that address the psychosocial issues (like catastrophic thinking, perceived injustice, predisposition to addictive behaviors, socio-economic situations) that complicate treatment changes. In addition, there are no guidelines that take into account comorbidities (like hypertension, osteoarthritis, obesity) that further complicate attempts at weaning or discontinuation. And because a polypharmacy regimen often reduces functionality and quality of life for the patient while reducing life expectancy, resetting the drug regimen to what is most clinically appropriate is extremely important.

Our Solution

Taking into account the limited guidance that is available to prescribing physicians who are concerned about the value of some/all drugs in a current regimen, PRIUM created TaperRx to provide that guidance. The primary deliverable is a “roadmap” that outlines which drug/drug classification should be tapered first, what the evidence says about how to taper, and identify milestones or thresholds that need to be met before making other pharmacological changes. Clinical details and references beyond the “roadmap” are also provided to answer questions that prescribing physicians and/or patients may have, along with supporting narrative on how to address the psychosocial component.

TaperRx was developed, and is continually maintained, by a combination of PharmD’s (who understand pharmacology) and MD’s (who understand treatment), and that maintenance is designed to ensure new evidence is incorporated so that the “roadmap” is always relevant and up-to-date. This “roadmap” obviously does not supplant the need for physician expertise and patient motivation. However, by using TaperRx, the physician, patient, and payer can have confidence in knowing they are leveraging the best information possible to affect change. Learn more about our product.