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Introducing TaperRx – The healthcare industry’s most innovative solution for helping patients reduce their dependency on medically unnecessary medications.

TaperRx at a Glance

TaperRx is the expert solution that provides a specific roadmap to wean medically unnecessary medications, while taking into account each patient’s unique circumstances. Developed by leading pharmacological and medical experts, the TaperRx solution provides the best science available to improve patient care. Combining quality research with the psychosocial impacts that a patient may experience, TaperRx increases the likelihood of successful treatment and improves quality of life while reducing the possibility of relapse.

What is TaperRx?

TaperRx is a comprehensive report developed to provide specific steps for eliminating a patient’s dependency on their unique polypharmacy regimen. In collaboration with wide ranging subject matter experts, each TaperRx report is built upon three key inputs that are essential to producing the most comprehensive and definitive program for potential success, including: a pharmacist, a medical doctor and the latest clinical research.

TaperRx Provides:

Why is TaperRx Needed?

A deeply researched assessment of the tapering process shows that it is often deferred indefinitely or handled incorrectly due to drug treatment complexities and lack of guideline clarity. In fact, there are currently NO guidelines to address the tapering of a polypharmacy drug regimen. This process is a crucial missing piece for doctor’s who want to eliminate unnecessary medication. For more information please visit http://www.prium.com/resources/thought-leadership.